Tractor Trailer Dump Trucks

Don Martin Trucking‘s tractor trailer dump truck division has an extensive coverage capability. Our tractor fleet consists of newer Peterbilt and International daycab tractors coupled to either steel or aluminum dump trailers. This combination gives us the ability to maximize each load and to match our equipment with the applications of our customers. Our coverage area includes central Pennsylvania through central Ohio. In any given day our drivers are safely moving hundreds of tons of scrap metal, coke, and aggregates to our customers locations.

Triaxle Dump Trucks

In addition to our tractor trailer dump trucks, our triaxles extend our dump trucking capabilities. Our triaxles are more versatile than our tractor trailers, which translates into more opportunities for our customers. The straight trucks enable us to get into areas that cannot be serviced by tractor trailers. This has been advantageous to our industrial customers in utilizing these trucks for inner mill movements, stocking, and shorter on highway hauls. It has also allowed us to perform work better suited for these trucks such as asphalt hauling and the other construction work. Our service area includes all of western Pennsylvania.

General Contractor and Home Owners

Don Martin Trucking can provide a great variety of products for the general contractor or home owner. We supply specialty products for baseball stadiums, home foundations and footers. We can provide a number of grades of gravel and limestone for any construction project. For landscaping we can provide many types of landscaping products such as fill dirt, topsoil, decorative stone and mulch.

Roll-Off Service

Our fleet of triaxle and tractor trailer roll-offs and is one of the largest in Western PA with 19 trucks and 500+ boxes, providing our customers with options to better maximize their productivity. Our roll-off service is geared towards the movement and storage of specialty alloys and metals. We offer a vast array of box sizes that provide options that can be custom tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a box spotted for a specified length of time or you are planning to live load, let us take the pressure off your shoulders and tailor a program that will be conducive to your needs and desires.

Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tankers

We haul a variety of products in our dry bulk tankers and our drivers are some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry. Whether your job calls for industrial lime, salt, or coke our equipment is perfectly suited for your needs. We can provide 24/7 coverage for your company and over the past decade we have developed solutions for hundreds of customers. Our drivers and managers understand that the onus is on us to alleviate your transportation and material supply concerns and as such you will find that we take this responsibility very seriously.

For more information on our services or career opportunities, contact us, where our experienced team members will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.